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NB: 11-06-2015

Sometimes even when I know that I’m lost, I’ll keep biking just for the sheer pleasure of being on my bike — especially when the tires have fresh air in […]

NB: 07-22-2015

Today I learned that’s there’s actually a technical name for the weird rough strip in the road that runs all the way up Spadina, right in the middle of the […]

NB: 07-15-2015

Sometimes you meet up with an old friend because you’re in town and it’s the right thing to do. You’re not sure how much you’ll have in common anymore, it […]

NB: 07-13-2015

Stopped in at the Whole Foods to pick up lemonade and some snacks before heading to Third Beach this afternoon, my last in Vancouver before celebrating my grandma’s birthday in […]

Stop what you’re doing, and listen here. (v18)

I thought I was going to make something quick to eat before going out on this date. But actually I’m just sitting here w/ my jaw open. That voice. That […]

NB: 06-27-2015

A) I like that the library does this.

B) I wonder how many people actually do buy the book instead of waiting in line to borrow it?

C) I wonder how much of […]

Moving beyond co-creation…

I have a rant to make: increasingly I hear people (designers and non-designers alike) talking about how they want to co-create, co-construct, collaborate with others or with their users. I […]

NB: 06-14-2015

Yesterday I tried going for a run for the first time since I did the Sporting Life 10k (over a month ago). As usual, I spent a really long time […]

NB: 03-06-2015

That feeling when you’ve just spent the night having an invigorating conversation, the type that has you saying thoughts you’ve never thought before because no one ever asked the question […]

NB: 01-25-2015

I have a New York Times to read and cream top yogurt to eat whilst doing it. It’s a perfect Sunday! ^__^