Ideation Methods (a workshop)

Challenge— A major CPG company wanted to refresh its introductory creative thinking training module. The new workshop needed to be fun and engaging, breaking free from the common preconceived notions people attach to the word ‘brainstorming.’

Process— With this workshop, I focused on presenting information in a succinct, visual style that emphasized each technique’s value and direct application to project work at the company. The exercises emphasize subtle nuances and twists in applying each method, helping participants move beyond surface level understanding of the methods and adding flexibility to how they can be used with different types of work.

Insights— Redacted due to NDA

Solution— I designed a series of short videos to describe each ideation method, accompanied by a set of cards that provide more detailed instruction and examples of how the methods can be used. The workshop was piloted with a group of seasoned design thinkers to take advantage of their experience working with employees who haven’t been exposed to design or ideation work. I’ll be facilitating a second pilot later this month.