Information to conversation

Challenge— As India’s GDP increases and more people are able to buy luxury goods, how and where are they educating themselves to make these purchases? Working with a pair of business executives and one other ID student, my team helped Godrej, an Indian CPG conglomerate, to understand the relationships at play in fringe markets and so that it might better target information for base of the pyramid consumers.

Process— With our condensed time frame (one month for the whole project), we had only four days for research. Jumping right into it, we observed the night markets in East Vikhroli on our first day in Mumbai and quickly set up interviews in-store and in-home with shopkeepers and extreme users – in this case, lower income consumers with strong aspirations to make big purchases. In addition to our interviews, we shadowed lower income consumers shopping in high-end shopping malls.

Based on key findings from our interviews, we developed a role playing activity with tech-savvy youth to observe how they communicated information about new products to their parents – the purchasers in the family.

Insights— Redacted due to NDA

Solution— We created new service scenarios to help Godrej translate information about its products into meaningful conversations with base of the pyramid consumers. Our concepts were laid out across a road map to identify what could be done right away and what would be a more long-term commitment. The concepts were as simple as a change in the service script and as complex as new online communications platforms.

Credits— With the most design experience on the team, I led and facilitated the our progress throughout the project. I taught the team how to scope our problem and developed our research protocol in two days, led interviews (through a translator), designed a role playing activity, and generated implementable design concepts. Additionally, I taught my client-side teammates about analysis and synthesis, the difference between an observation and an insight, and how to use storytelling to make a presentation. My teammates were Knowl Baek from ID and Vikrant Shitole and Jogy Abraham from Godrej.