Internal behaviour change program assessment

Challenge— After almost two years running, it was time to conduct a thorough assessment of a high-profile internal training program at a major CPG company. I worked with the external consultants running this program to interview key stakeholders and participants in order to determine what was working and what could be improved.

Process— Over the course of a month, I conducted 31 interviews with a mix of people at all levels of the company. Interviewees included project team members who took the program and applied its principles to their work, the coaches who taught the training and guided teams through their projects, and senior management looking to gauge the program’s long-term ROI.

I led analysis and synthesis sessions with employees from the company and the consultancy running the program. At the client’s request, we used the insight matrix tool, which saw us extract 99 key insights out of a raw list of hundreds of observations. Throughout the project, I also taught my collaborators (who were not designers) about the design process and methods being used. Examples include showing the consultants how to conduct an ethnographic interview and teaching employees how to derive insights from observations.

Insights— Redacted due to NDA

Solution— I concluded my participation in this project by writing a full report on our findings and recommendations. Additionally I gave a presentation to senior management walking them through the highlights.