My work at Doblin Canada consisted of concept development, capability building, and innovation strategy for a range of clients.


National grocery retailer
Conducted generative and evaluative research across the country to explore families’ shopping routines, culminating in a new brand promise for the client


Toronto Blue Jays
Held a co-design workshop with fans and foodies and conducted expert interviews with restaurateurs to identify opportunities to improve the in-stadium food and beverage experience

National airport authority
Ran a 2-week research sprint to identify opportunities for improving the valet experience (five days in the field, five to amplify findings with behavioural design IP and summarize recommendations)

TD Bank
Developed an HCD training for 150 employees that covered each step of the concept development process (framing, research, analysis, ideation)

Ontario government ministry
Identified behavioural changes to improve positive policy outcomes for the ministry, specifically with low-income citizens


Global bank
Developed a fresh library of insights and design principles on best-in-class digital banking experiences across all channels, while also demonstrating the power and value of taking an HCD approach (a first for the bank)

National retailer
Immersed the company’s top 25 execs in design research (each person shadowed an in-home interview) and facilitated a two-day strategy off-site, which was focused on how and why to take a customer-centric approach


National transportation provider
Conducted research and generated speculative concepts to help make the business case for how and why investing in a new CRM system would help to improve the end-to-end customer experience

National wealth management firm
Developed a new wealth management concept for millennials based on insights from foundational research on the emotional aspects of savings and retirements; prepared the prototype for the next phase of evaluative research and pilot planning

Global pharmaceutical company
Conducted research to better understand the daily experiences of Crohn’s patients in order to identify insights on providing more seamless support in and outside of the clinic